Toyota Fortuner


Car Name : Ford Fortuner
Car Company : Toyota Moters
Seating Capacity : 7 passengers + 1 Driver
Feature :
Attractive interior.
100% Safety car for Indian Roads.
Well trained and experienced staff. Vehicle will be neat, clean & well maintained


Total Booking Cost :  ₹



Toyota Fortuner is an impressive SUV with strong body line and sporty looks is real eye catcher. Its Japanese manufacturer has given this SUV an aggressive and a sporty look with bold 4×4 styling, this mean machine can perform in any given terrain. The interiors are elegantly crafted, the seats offer unmatched comfort than other SUV’s. The dual air conditioning and automatic climate control gives immense riding pleasure The front and the rear suspension work beautifully in the hardest of the terrains, this makes the drive more comfortable.


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