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About Delhi

Delhi is the capital city of India, and can be called as a major gateway to India. Delhi is one of the most important metropolis in India,as it is the city of power. It has a very good combination of both modern, as well as ancient culture. It is also known as the Headquarters of Indian politics, as most of the heads of the Indian government and other political parties, reside here, including the Prime Minister, and President of the country. In these 3000 years of its existence, there has been the origin of seven more cities ,where the traditional Indian capital is. Strategic location, mixture of modern and Indian culture, rich history, medieval market, beside the modern ones etc are the main reasons for choosing it, as the seat of power. Delhi is a city waiting to be explored.

Down the ages, the region in and around modern Delhi, saw Lalkot built in the mid-11th century; Siri established by Allauddin Khilji; Tughlakabad and Ferozabad built by the Tuglaks, followed by the city of the Lodis; and then came Shahjahanbad, the capital of the Mughals under Shah Jahan. New Delhi also reflects the legacy, the British left behind. The division between New and Old Delhi, is the distinction, between the capitals of the British and the Mughals respectively. So, wherever the visitor goes, he will invariably confront the past of the city.